Background: Half-Vistani

Outcasts and vagabonds!

Continuing this month’s theme of gothic horror inspired campaign options, today’s update brings the half-vistani back to Ravenloft in 5e. I had been holding off on making this background because I assumed there was going to be a canon half-vistani player option in the Curse of Strahd but, when I found out there wasn’t, I got right to work.

I decided to develop the half-vistani as a background rather than as a race because, to be frank, the whole idea is pretty darn racist. As a background I feel it sheds a lot of those racist overtones as it emphasizes the vistani as a cultural group and less as a mystical race of curses and madness (that just so happens to be based on an actual real world ethnicity with those same themes in folklore). ANYWAY…uh…time to stop lecturing and get on with the player option!


the Half-Vistani

Over at the Patreon campaign, $1+ backers also get access to an additional player option this week – the Exorcist Domain for Cleric! In a world as cruel and bleak as Ravenloft clerics will never succeed in brightening the world but they can make it a little less dark. The Exorcist Domain is perfect for clerics who serve as the frontline of defense between mortals and the supernatural terrors of the world.

See the Exorcist Domain by Joining the Patreon Campaign!

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