Curse of the Dhampir

Creatures of the night!

As I mentioned in the Complete Arcanist Handbook post, this entire month is dedicated to horror themed content to celebrate the release of Curse of Strahd. Having spent most of the last few months developing, releasing, and revising class archetypes this month will see a broader array of content released, all purpose written to fit with the themes and mood of the Curse of Strahd adventure. That starts today with the dhampir!

Dhampir are the children of a mortal and vampire parent. Among mortals the dhampir are feared for their connection with undeath and their unnatural abilities. Among vampires the dhampir are disrespected for their connection with life and their mortal frailties. Straddling the line between the living and the dead, the dhampir must forge their own path forward. Whether that path leads towards wickedness or redemption is up to the player!

As a child Ravenloft was my absolute favorite setting so, as a manchild, I am very happy to be able to contribute setting neutral resources to the community that would be a perfect match for playing there!

If “setting neutral” sounded kind of forced to you, you’re right! That’s a bit of legalese because today’s update is no mere normal update but our first foray into the wild world of the DM’s Guild! It’s pay what you want so go there and pay what you want!

the Dhampir

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