Arcanist Handbook Part 4: Warlocks

Calling all Fausts!

This week brings the final installment of the Arcanist Handbook, the Warlock’s Otherworldly Patrons. The PHB does a great job of covering some of the more obvious patrons and some kind of undead or celestial patrons are very common both in homebrew and in UA articles so I went a bit afield for these Warlock archetypes today.

First is the Cosmic Machine. The Cosmic Machine is definitely not a patron that makes sense in every campaign setting but in campaigns that feature science fantasy or ruins of an advanced society or any campaign that heavily features Mechanus, it fits right in. Warlocks who enter a pact with the Cosmic Machine find themselves changed in body and soul. Their appearance betrays their relationship to their mechanical patron and their spells resemble advanced technology more than arcane workings.

Like other subclasses I have made, the Crone patron was designed to expand the base class into slightly different territory. Warlocks who make pacts with the Crone typically prefer the moniker, witch. The Crone is an archetypal figure closely tied to madness, motherhood, and death. Like their patron, witches see the world in black and white, holding contempt for those they count as enemies and unable to see the flaws in those they count as allies. Unfortunately for those close to them, a witch may count a friend as an ally one day and an enemy the next over an imagined or perceived slight.

the Cosmic Machine & the Crone

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