Runes for the Runic Scribe

Scribes & Scribblers!

The introduction of the Runic Scribe in Wizards of the Coast’s October 2015 Unearthed Arcana article made it clear that the D&D 5e design team was seriously considering implementing Prestige Classes in this edition. While prestige classes ended up seriously bloating D&D 3.x, I (and quite a few other homebrewers) immediately jumped on the opportunity to draft our own Prestige Classes. In this super special magic item update, I want to turn my attention back to the article that started it all and provide new class options for the Runic Scribe.

The runes provided in the Runic Scribe UA article are all elemental themed. Given that there were precious few elements left to base runes around (none if you want to stick to a classical 4 Greek element cosmology) I decided that I would anticipate that runes aren’t just about the physical building blocks of the universe but the more esoteric foundations as well. Included in this 3 pack of new runes are the runes of life, death, and mind.

Each of these runes gives the Runic Scribe a bit more diversity of nature than it previously had. While I really enjoy the runes included in the Runic Scribe I can’t help but feel like the Runic Scribe really needed a greater selection to shine. I hope these runes do the trick!

Master Runes


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