Arcanist Handbook Part 3: Sorcerers

Sorcerers and sorcerettes!

In today’s installment of the Arcanist Handbook I present two new sorcerer archetypes: Greenheart & Spiritualist. Although bound together in the same class, these two archetypes couldn’t be more different – the Greenheart sorcerous origin born of the beating heart of the world and the Spiritualist sorcerous origin in the moment between life and death when the veil over your eyes is lifted.

The Greenheart sorcerous origin is an archetype for the children of dryads, unwary travelers who spent years or more trapped in an enchanted forest, or those who are touched by planes of endless verdant growth. These sorcerers have vitality to spare and are able to tap into their connection with the natural world in a way other sorcerers can only dream of. Even the act of channeling their sorcerous power infuses them with new life.

The Spiritualist sorcerous origin is an archetype for those who came so close to death that they stood on the threshold and only turned back at the last moment – but didn’t return to the living alone. These sorcerers returned to the world of the living haunted by a phantom whose demise in some way mirrored the near death experience of the Spiritualist. The specific relationship between a spiritualist and her phantom is up to the sorcerer and the spirit but the phantom obeys the dictates of the spiritualist even if it wishes it didn’t have to.

Greenheart & Spiritualist

Twice a month I will include additional content just for Patreon backers who pledge $1 or more a month to the blog. This week I present an additional sorcerer archetype for my Patreon backers, the Starsigned. The Starsigned are sorcerers who were born under a celestial omen that foretold their eldritch prowess. Manipulating their own destiny, and the destiny of others, the starsigned are as much a product of fate as they are its author.

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