Arcanist Handbook Part 1: Wizards

Sup bookworms!

We are in the home stretch of the Complete _______ Handbook series as of this week as we begin the march towards the Complete Arcanist Handbook. The Complete Arcanist Handbook will cover the final 4 remaining classes not covered by the Complete Martialist Handbook and the Complete Devout Handbook. The final remaining classes to be covered in this handbook include the bard, sorcerer, warlock, and wizard archetypes. And today we’re starting with the wizard!

The Player’s Handbook gives a ton of wizard options, all centered around the wizard’s favored school of magic. Given that the archetypes in that book exhaust the total of magic schools, new wizard archetypes have to find new concepts to build wizard archetypes around. Today we present the Grey Guild and the Three Spirit Adept.

Wizards of the Grey Guild are either mistrustful (and untrustworthy) rogue wizards looking out for no one but themselves or willing conspirators playing their part in a large organization of like-minded wizards who seek to hoard and hide arcane knowledge from all others. Regardless of their allegiance, wizards of the Grey Guild specialize in duplicity and intrigue and have a capacity to carry out those tasks in ways both mundane and magical.

Wizards who join the Three Spirits Adepts embrace trust. Three Spirits Adepts are known for their unusually close relationship with their familiars and their ability to evoke their familiar’s unique power. Unlike other arcane traditions, the Three Spirits Adepts are most commonly found in rural areas or where wizards are few and far between. Great arcane universities and other metropolitan organizations of wizards often view the Three Spirits Adept tradition as rustic and quaint.

Whether you want to play buddy-buddy with your familiar or live the life of an arcane super spy, the Grey Guild and the Three Spirits Adept have you covered.

the Grey Guild & the Three Spirits Adept


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