the Complete Devout Handbook

All you holy rollers,

Through December and January the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. presented new archetypes for the cleric, druid, monk, and paladin classes. Thanks to the feedback from our brave and handsome (and oh so wise) readership we’ve cleaned up some of the mechanics and language and compiled them all into the Complete Devout Handbook.

For clerics, this handbook contains the Domain of Commerce and the Domain of Prophecy. The Domain of Commerce is given by the rare but popular deities who stand at the intersection of divine and financial interests. The Domain of Prophecy is often given to clerics by gods of fate or foresight but occasionally holy men and woman of all kinds are blessed with this gift.

For druids, this handbook contains the Circle of Root & Branch and the Circle of the Spirit. The Circle of Root & Branch is for druids who want a deeper connection with the flora of the world and a reliable mandragora pet to boot. The Circle of the Spirit blurs the lines between druid and shaman, allowing its practitioners to call on spirits to possess them and give them their strength.

For monks, this handbook contains the Way of the Drunken Master and the Way of the Tattooed Temple. The Way of the Drunken Master is for monks who imbibe too much or are just really good at pretending they do. The Way of the Tattooed Temple is a tradition that empowers body art with spiritual energy for potent abilities.

Finally, for paladins this handbook contains the Oath of Ancestors and the Oath of Vigilance. The Oath of Ancestors allows paladins to honor their ancestors rather than the gods or abstract philosophical codes. The Oath of Vigilance mirrors the Oath of Vengeance but focuses on protecting what’s good in the world rather than destroying what’s wicked.

Without further ado…

the Complete Devout Handbook

EDIT: Since the release of this blog post this material has been extensively revised and expanded. You can find the spiritual successor of this project on the DM’s Guild now.

The Complete Devout Handbook

7 thoughts on “the Complete Devout Handbook

  1. These are so great. I like the slight edits. Do you happen to keep track of a change log for these when you edit them? That’d be handy, though I understand it’s quite a bit of work.

    Also, this is a pretty minor thing so I don’t want to at all suggest it isn’t already beautiful-looking, but can I request adding the great combined photos from blog pages like this as a title page for the complete compilations? The PDFs start right in with the first archetype, which can be a bit confusing when browsing for the file through file thumbnails.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, for awhile I kept a really diligent changelog but pretty quickly I just couldn’t be asked. I have so many drafts of all the content I post that it’s kind of a logistical nightmare for me just trying to keep everything organized. 😛

      I like your suggestion that the pdfs start with the title page and will consider that moving forward. There are a few big updates about the blog format coming soon so probably we’ll hold off on making any other format changes until those have been rolled out and we get a sense of where the winds are blowing.


  2. My wife is converting her druid to Circle of Root and Branch so we can try this out.
    One thing I noticed though. Mandragora’s that grow in the forest, are one size category larger. Royal ones are large (same size category as a young adult dragon) but they only have a Str of 13. That seems awfully low for such a big creature.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nothing would break if you wanted to bump it up to Strength 15. It’s attack is Dex based so the only thing that would change is the mandragora’s carrying capacity, ability checks, and Strength saving throw.


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