Devout Handbook Part 4: Paladins

Noble ladies and lords!

In the past three weeks I’ve introduced new archetypes for clerics, druids, and monks. This week we’ll look at two new paladin archetypes and next week they will all get a revision (based on the feedback readers have provided here and elsewhere) and compiled in the Complete Devout Handbook. Wrapping up the Devout Handbook this week are two new paladin oaths, the Oath of Ancestors and the Oath of Vigilance.

The Oath of Ancestors is an oath for paladins who come from cultures where ancestors are worshipped or honored by their descendants. The Oath of Ancestors paladin is able to communicate with the dead, and even counts his deceased ancestors among his allies, but never confuses the dead with the undead. Paladins who follow the Oath of Ancestors seek to bring honor on their ancestors by doing good works in their name.

The Oath of Vigilance is an oath for paladins who pledge their loyalty and life in defense of another. In many ways, the Oath of Vigilance is the natural opposite of the Oath of Vengeance. Although not always the case, typically paladins who pledge the Oath of Vigilance make a promise to a specific lord, master, noble, or sage to protect and defend them to the paladin’s death. In other cases, paladins taking this Oath seek to protect whole groups or communities against their enemies.

See you again next week when we revise and compile the Complete Devout Handbook!

Oath of Ancestors & Oath of Vigilance

4 thoughts on “Devout Handbook Part 4: Paladins

  1. I love both of these options! They are especially well suited to less religious paladins, which one of my players happens to be building as we speak. Thanks for the timely post, and the continued high quality content. Keep it up!

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    1. I’m glad you like them! It’s always great to hear that my content is being considered for use or is being used in a game too – that’s the whole reason I make it! Check back next week when I release the Complete Devout Handbook for any revisions or updates I make to these guys.


  2. I do like the Oath of the Ancestors and the flavour of Oath of Vigilance, however the lvl 20 ability for Oath of Vigilance is the most underwhelming lvl 20 ability I’ve seen. Simply being immune to being charmed and frightened is not nearly enough for a capstone for an Oath…

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    1. I have heard this from other sources too. Expect it to get an update when the paladin oaths are revised for the Complete Devout Handbook!


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