Devout Handbook Part 1: Clerics

This week marks the start of the rollout of the Complete Devout Handbook. Similar to the Complete Martialist Handbook, the Complete Devout Handbook introduces new archetypes for four classes in the game. Specifically the Complete Devout Handbook covers clerics, druids, monks, and paladins.

This week we start with the clerics. Cleric archetypes are called “domains” and represent the themes of the deity they worship. The two presented today are the Commerce Domain and the Prophecy Domain.

The Commerce Domain is actually the first piece of homebrew I made for 5e. I created it for a fellow player in a biweekly game I participate in who felt that there wasn’t a domain in the PHB that really captured the idea he was going for. That character bit the dust like two sessions in but I’d like to think that’s got nothing to do with the Commerce Domain. As its name indiciates, the Commerce Domain is good for gods who hold dominion over currencies, trade, and markets.

The Prophecy Domain is meant to be a way to represent those seers who have more of a religious bent than an arcane one. Equal parts blessing and curse, prophets get their gift of foresight from their close relationship with their deity or with the universe itself. If you’ve been jonesing for some Pathfinder Oracle in 5e, this is your best bet!

Domains of Commerce and Prophecy

See you again next week for more Complete Devout Handbook archetypes!

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