Birth of the Blog Review

Greetings fair knights and brave ladies!

First and foremost there is a shout out that is long overdue. /u/Barkalot, as you might have seen on the pdfs, does the layout and all graphic design work on all the material I write. He is the silent partner in this process and without him none of this would be possible. I try to tell him everytime I message him, but I can never say enough, how grateful I am to him for his help and how invaluable and talented he is. So if you ever like anything in the presentation, please know to give all the credit to /u/Barkalot!

Second I want to give a slight update to the format of the blog. Previously I said I would do three weeks of content and then one week of review and, generally, that will continue to be the case moving forward. That said, when I have a particularly small or large set of content I might make that two weeks of content to one week of review or four weeks of content to one week of review. I mention this because the next four weeks will all be content! Coming up next week I will have subclasses for the Cleric, followed by the Druid, Monk, and Paladin. Once we get to the review week it will all be compiled as the Complete Devout Handbook.

Finally, let’s get to the review portion of this week. The past three weeks featured the Complete Martialist Handbook, the Dwarf Prestige Class, and the Elf Prestige Class. The revised versions of each of these pdfs can be found below and, as of today, in their original posts.

EDIT: In the years since this release, I have created a much improved and expanded version of this handbook! You can find it on the DM’s Guild at the link below.

the Complete Martialist Handbook

First up all the way back to late November with the Complete Martialist Handbook. The feedback that meant the most to me when I was revising this document was that multiple people from a few different forums mentioned to me that they were already using these archetypes in their campaigns. That’s so awesome! As for critical feedback of the document, it was largely about clarifying intent on the mechanics in a few places. So if you’ve been using these archetypes nothing has really changed but if there was something that made you scratch your head you might look back through the document and see if I’ve cleared it up.

Prestige Class Dwarf

I hinted that there was an edit preview of the Dwarf Prestige Class hidden in the Elf Prestige Class. Did you find it? The 3rd level subrace features for Dwarf now give you one or the other ability score increases rather than both. In addition, the Dwarf got an awesome new fighting style to help boost its synergy with monks and rogues. Finally, the Dwarf spells underwent a lot of minor pokes and prods to get them into a better shape balance-wise and clarity-wise.

Prestige Class Elf

The Elf Prestige Class was met with a lot of positive responses and I received many comments that it was something players were eager to introduce to their DMs to use with their current elf characters. Again, that’s always awesome to hear. The few critical comments I got about this piece were about the spells which, to the credit of those providing feedback, were very poorly written (I think perhaps because I was too excited to have the Elf nearly complete). Those spells have been cleaned up now. One important thing to note about sense danger is that “determine surprise” is before “roll initiative” in combat order so if you ever are under the effect of sense danger you will get both benefits the next time you enter combat.

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2 thoughts on “Birth of the Blog Review

  1. I love your work! Are you going to make more prestige classes, with human, halflings and hopefully more exotic races like Tieflings? If so, I can’t wait to see them!


    1. Thank you so much! My current plans are to return to this concept to complete Gnome and Halfling Prestige Classes in the near future. I hadn’t given a lot of thought to some of the more modern non-human races but I would be open to making some for those if there was interest!

      Thanks for reading!


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