Prestige Class: Elf

Fair folk, gather round!

To be honest when I posted the Dwarf Prestige Class last week I hadn’t even started seriously working on any other race prestige class. When I started getting a lot of good feedback from various corners of the internet I realized I had struck on something people were looking for so I doubled my efforts to get the Elf Prestige Class down on digital paper.

The Elf Prestige Class uses some of the same tricks as the Dwarf Prestige Class (giving spells that are more functional in nature and represent folklore) but also introduces some new ideas (the Spellcasting Style, for instance). Also, if you squint, you might be able to predict some of the incoming revisions to the Dwarf Prestige Class based on how similar features work in the Elf Prestige Class.

Next week look forward to a review and revision of the Complete Martialist Handbook, the Dwarf Prestige Class, and the Elf Prestige Class as well as a discussion of the future of this blog and its contributors!

Prestige Class: Elf

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2 thoughts on “Prestige Class: Elf

  1. I think this is absolutely fantastic. I will be introducing your racial prestige classes to my players at my next session. Thank you for all the effort you have put into your work.
    – KB


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