Prestige Class: Dwarf

G’day traveler!

Some of you may remember the days of yore when playing a non human race meant being restricted to a small selection of classes (and weird arbitrary level caps) or even more out of touch with modern day gaming, playing as a race specific class! While I really truly hated that convention as a kid I have found myself kind of wishing it would make a bit of a come back as I got older.

With the inclusion of the Runic Scribe in an official Unearthed Arcana article a few months back Prestige Classes are now “a thing” in D&D again. While they sort of more-or-less ruined 3rd edition, I am cautiously optimistic about their implementation in 5e. So optimistic I am using them as a platform to explore the idea of bringing back classes-as-races!

While the race that really sticks out to me for having its own playstyle has always been the elves I wanted to make dwarves first because they don’t get nearly as much love as they should. So check ’em out!

Prestige Class: Dwarf

4 thoughts on “Prestige Class: Dwarf

    1. I definitely understand your trepidation. I thought Prestige Classes were a big part of what made 3.x so cumbersome so I am wary as well. I am optimistic that the current D&D team will move slowly and thoughtfully enough on them that they won’t get out of hand.

      As for other races, I am hopeful that I will get another one up next week but have plenty of other content if I don’t feel it’s done. Thanks for reading and for commenting!


  1. Is the intent that Dwarven Weapon Specialist also makes these weapons pugilist weapons? Pugilist/prestige dwarf seems like a really fun combo (and more dwarf-appropriate than monk/dwarf)


    1. Actually, the Dwarf Prestige Class was made a long time before the pugilist even existed. But, yeah, if / when it gets updated I think it would make sense for that feature to apply to pugilist weapons too.


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