The Sterling Vermin Adventuring Company

Good day to thee fair nerd!

Over the past year or so I have begun playing more and more D&D 5e. As I began to run my own campaign and participate in another I started making homebrew. Then I didn’t stop. Now I have so much! So I’m sharing it.

I have a backlog of material to share but, as with all creative projects, the work is never completely done. I hope that as I post material you leave comments, feedback, and questions. There is no way to improve this material without critique so I welcome that!

That said, I won’t be posting first drafts. Everything that gets posted here will have gone through several rounds of revisions before it ever sees this blog. I hope you’ll find that the material is quality enough to include in your own campaigns and that you’ll let me know how it plays out when you use it!

I will be updating the blog once a week on Wednesdays. Every fourth week I will take a break from posting new content to instead review the reactions I’ve received to previous posts, talk about the homebrew process generally, and invite people to make suggestions about what material they’d like to see me work on in the future.

Thanks for stopping by the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Company!


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